Monday, October 15, 2007

Free Guitar Lessons?

Who is the Best Rock Guitar Teacher Online? I've seen several but the best of the lot is a studio wizard in Birmingham, AL named Ben Trexel. He is renowned not only as a performing artist and as a master studio producer, Ben is also rapidly becoming a major distributor of Music Webucation

Ben Trexel Advanced Rock Guitar Lessons

Ben Trexel - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Sequencing, Production, Engineering, Mixing in Birmingham, AL


Guitar instructional DATA CD from guitarist Ben Trexel. Includes Video Files and Tablature PDFs for 54 essential exercises including 18 Classic Rock Riffs from some of the greatest songs of the past 35 years. Trexel's 36 custom exercises are divided into Beginner, Pentatonic, Major Scale, and Advanced. Guaranteed to build strength, dexterity, and melodic knowledge for electric and acoustic players of all styles.
GET FREE TABLATURE to all exercises on this site!! To purchase complete DATA CD, which also includes 36 Ben Trexel mp3s, go to