Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hard Rock Lessons with Ben Trexel

Demo (one song) produced with instrumentation, vocals and programmed drums.
This is a three hour session. For rappers, this includes a music track.
PRICE: $100.00

Master Track (one song) Fully produced, recorded, mixed and mastered for publication on I-Tunes or CD release. Live drums or programmed drums and all instrumentation.
This choice does not have a time limit but generally takes 10-12 hours.
PRICE: $500.00

*songs must be 5 minutes or less
**Co-writing is available

Please visit the I-Tunes links below for examples of songs produced by Trexel.

For More Information, please call 205-807-9366
Applespacebar - Songs You Might Like (alternative modern rock)
BrokenRail "Boom All In" (modern rock)
Michael Warren -- THE EP (alternative rock)
Ben Trexel -- Under the Radar (guitar instrumental)
Tone Harris - "I'm Sorry" (urban pop/r&roll) 

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